Master Thesis: Estimation of biomass volume (gn)
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Master Thesis: Estimation of biomass volume (gn)
Standort: Dresden Geodaten
Beschreibung der Stelle: Radar satellite data offer potential for vegetation parameters estimation such as crop or forest biomass volume. SAR Backscatter as well as InSAR coherence information can be utilized for above ground biomass derivation. The relationship between backscatter and biomass as well as the connection of coherence and biomass has been described by empirical and physically based models. The volume of biomass determined allows conclusions to be made on the stored carbon. L-band SAR data is usually used for biomass analysis. In this work, the potentials of the description and quantification of biomass in marginal lands with a low carbon productivity will be investigated by utilizing freely available SAR data such as Sentinel-1 C-band. A special focus lies on the evaluation of the usability of free software packages like ESA SNAP.
  • Biomass estimation using Sentinel-1 or other freely available SAR data
  • Derivation of biomass amount for different land cover types with a low carbon productivity
  • Analysis of suitable models and algorithms for SAR based biomass estimation
  • Analysis of suitability of polarimetry, intensity and coherence measurements
  • Investigation of the applicability of the developed methodology for different study sites throughout Europe
  • M.Sc.student with focus on Geoinformatics and Radar remote sensing
  • Profound knowledge about SAR data processing (especially Sentinel-1)
  • Profound experiences with modelling approaches in the SAR data and biomass context
  • Experiences with the usage of scripting languages
  • Knowledge about open source SAR processing and analysis software e.g. ESA SNAP
  • Fluent in English language

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